Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JSP Actions

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JSP Actions

JSP actions are XML tags that invoke built-in web server functionality. The following actions are provided:

* jsp:include
Similar to a subroutine, the Java servlet temporarily hands the request and response off to the specified JavaServer Page. Control will then return to the current JSP, once the other JSP has finished. Using this, JSP code will be shared between two other JSPs, rather than duplicated.
* jsp:param
Can be used inside a jsp:include, jsp:forward or jsp:params block. Specifies a parameter that will be added to the request's current parameters.
* jsp:forward
Used to hand off the request and response to another JSP or servlet. Control will never return to the current JSP.
* jsp:plugin
Older versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer used different tags to embed an applet. This action generates the browser specific tag needed to include an applet.
* jsp:fallback
The content to show if the browser does not support applets.
* jsp:getProperty
Gets a property from the specified Java bean.
* jsp:setProperty
Sets a property in the specified Java bean.
* jsp:useBean
Creates or re-uses a Java bean available to the JSP page.


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