Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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Java Server Pages (JSP) scripting elements and variables

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JSP scripting elements and variables
Standard scripting variables
The following scripting variables are always available:

* out – The JSPWriter used to write the data to the response stream.
* page – The servlet itself.
* pageContext – A PageContext instance that contains data associated with the whole page. A given HTML page may be passed among multiple JSPs.
* request – The HTTP request object.
* response – The HTTP response object.
* session – The HTTP session object that can be used to track information about a user from one request to another.

Scripting elements
There are three basic kinds of scripting elements that allow java code to be inserted directly into the servlet.

* A declaration tag places a variable definition inside the body of the java servlet class. Static data members may be defined as well.
<%! int serverInstanceVariable = 1; %>
* A scriptlet tag places the contained statements inside the _jspService() method of the java servlet class.
<% int localStackBasedVariable = 1; out.println(localStackBasedVariable); %>
* An expression tag places an expression to be evaluated inside the java servlet class. Expressions should not be terminated with a semi-colon.
<%= "expanded inline data " + 1 %>


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